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This batch of turkeys is more enthusiastic and athletic than any we remember. They are growing well and are an encouragement to work on finishing the hoop house.

Hoop House Progress

It has come a long way from when Eli welded those first pipes together. They have been bent (see: End to Dog Days in Sight post), sanded, and painted. The base is in place, welded, and one by one, the hoops are being raised and welded by Jim and Isaac and others. It appears to me that Jim is skilled in building these shelters, and also in knowing where to get the supplies. Soon he will be adding the plumbing. We hope to get the tarp put on later this week!

One Hoop






Burned parts from the truck

The wiring of the fan on the cooling system of our refrigerated truck burned up. We were able to fix it and, the next night it burned up again, only worse! Jim was able to get a switch for an electric golf cart, and with wiring and wisdom he repaired it, and it still works a week later.

On Our Farm

The fall flowers are incredible this year, and their fragrance adds to the anticipation of fall. The promise of cooler weather to come shortly heightens the sense of expectancy. What a glorious creation!

Upcoming Chicken Pick Up Dates and times

Peace Valley: Tuesday, September 8, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Mansfield: Wednesday, September 9, call for time

Springfield: Wednesday, September 9, noon-1 p.m.

Rolla: Thursday, September 10, or Monday, September 14  (cal or email for more information)