Hamburger $5.00/lb $5.50/lb
T-Bone $9.25/lb $10.25/lb
Sirloin $9.25/lb $10.25/lb
Porter House $10.75/lb $11.95/lb
Rib Steak $8.60/lb $9.55/lb
Round, tndrzd $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Chuck $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Sirloin Tip $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Arm $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Stew Meat $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Short Ribs $4.95/lb $5.50/lb
Brisket $6.25/lb $6.95/lb
Bones $3.30 $3.65
Tongue $3.30 $3.65
Liver $3.30 $3.65
Heart $3.30 $3.65

We raise beef on grass grown with organic practices. There are many benefits to eating beef raised on pasture without grain. To learn more about the increased amounts of Omega-3 and CLA, and other advantages of this beef: Click Here 

Our customers are very pleased with the flavor and tenderness of our beef.  

Thanks for your support and encouragement, you all are great!

Jim & Judy Jo Protiva  -  Peace Valley Poultry/Beef

Beef by the package

We have started selling beef by the package.  If you'd like to purchase beef, you can pick up whatever we have available on a selling date, or schedule a pickup time.

Selling dates are the second and fourth Tuesday at the farm, and the second and fourth Wednesday in Springfield; April 25 - October 25, we also sell beef on turkey sale dates. December to March we sell by appointment, Monday - Saturday.

Beef buying procedure for January 2018, half or whole

To order click here

We are raising the beef for this winter on our farm, and they are looking good, as well as being rather tame. For these beeves, we are asking a $200 deposit for each half. The price will be $1.40/lb. live weight,* balance paid when the beef go to the butcher. Also, the customer pays the processing fee, which is $11.50 slaughter fee (for a half) and $.48/ lb. hanging weight, plus extra for special services.**  We sell them as whole or halves. A few customers who picked up their beeves, calculated the price for what they took home. It was approximately $3.85-$4.10/lb.  This is a tremendous savings from buying parts/cuts, which average $6.51/lb.  

*So how much does a steer weigh?  Last year our live weight was around 549lbs- 633lbs. 

**For a half beef, an approximate cost after processing is $943-$1230.