Internship Opportunity

Spend your summer in Missouri learning from one of the top pastured poultry producers in the country. For over 21+ years Peace Valley Poultry has been raising poultry on pasture, we have refined our feed and poultry shelters in a way that sets us apart from most other producers. Read up on all the details below.

General Farm Description:180 acres of grass managed with adaptive grazing. The centerpiece is chickens and turkey on pasture, moved every day. We process about 500 chickens once a week from mid-May until November.

Internship Starts: April 25, flexible
Internship Ends: December 1, flexible
Number of Internship Available:2
Minimum Length of Stay: 4-8 months

Internship Tasks: Interns will help with all jobs, which will include daily moving of cattle and poultry, and weekly butchering.

Jim teaching and sharing knowledge about soil health and function.

Jim teaching and sharing knowledge about soil health and function.

Educational Opportunities: You will learn how to run a large-scale pastured poultry farm from day old chicks. This includes mixing feed, brooder management, daily moves with labor-saving hoop houses, processing at 250 birds/hour, delivery, and marketing. Because we are a least cost producer, intern should be able to start a successful pastured poultry operation almost anywhere. We also belong to a grazing group with top-notch grazers and we meet for a pasture walk monthly.

Skills Desired:Must be in good physical shape, able to lift 50 pounds in a hot humid environment. Self-motivated, good communicator, able to work with others, have a strong desire to learn, hard-working, optimistic.

Meals:Intern will eat one meal with family. We will also provide a reasonable amount of meat for your other meals.
Housing:Cabin with electricity, no running water, access to bathroom/shower in butcher plant.

If you’re interested in applying, please give us a call or send an email.

Primary Phone: 417-293-0450
Secondary Phone: 417-277-5869
Primary Contact:Jim Protiva
Secondary Contact:JudyJo Protiva