A Taste of Fall


On Our Farm

The crisp cool mornings, deep blue sky, ripening apples, and lazily falling leaves leave no doubt: fall is on its way. The martins have been gone for weeks in anticipation of this time, and a flock of geese have been heard flying over. The other birds seem to be more joyful. How fun to have a relief from the hot, and to still have green grass.

The goats are just starting to kid, so that adds an air of expectancy and watchfulness to the delight of the season.

We have picked up our last batch of chicks for the year. The chickens on pasture have nice clover to graze on, a blessing following the rain. How quickly the summer has gone! The little turkeys are as friendly as ever, and look healthy.


The beef have been grazing on clover and lespedeza, and will soon be moving to alfalfa.

Upcoming Chicken Pick Up Dates and Times

Peace Valley: Tuesday, August 25, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Mansfield: Wednesday, August 26, call for time

Springfield: Wednesday, August 26, noon-1 p.m.

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