Shorter Days Ahead, Barbecue Special!

IMG_20150724_123003On Our Farm

This morning a mist of fog covers the land. The birds are singing joyfully, as they do after the passing of a storm. I am reminded of  how special these foggy mornings have seemed to me, ever since moving here 28 years ago from the mountainous deserts of the west. Fog seems so mysterious and special. These are the mornings I like to encourage Jim by telling him "Look, we own the land as far as you can see."

We did have a major storm last night. As the house vibrations lessened after thunder that came simultaneously with lightning, we realized we were in the middle of the storm. As you know, we move the chicken hoop houses daily, and one house was now in a lower elevation. Checking after the storm, we discovered almost 80 chickens that did not survive. This is part of farming.

Barbecue Special

To celebrate summer, when it is too hot to cook inside much, we are offering a Barbecue Special. It is:

1 - package of bone-in breast

2 - packages of legs and thighs

All for just $15

AND! the first five to order online or by phone get

a free pack of 10 wings (also great for barbecue)

ORDER at, or call 417-277-5869,

or come to any sale location at the sale time.

Upcoming chicken sale dates and times

Peace Valley: Tuesday, July 28, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Springfield, noon-1 p.m./Mansfield:, 9 a.m. Wednesday, July 29