Summer arrives, again

Hoop Houses

Chicken shelters are currently on the hill where they are safe from flooding.

On our farm

There has been a lot of rain! Hopefully, none of you have had severe flooding. We are very blessed because the chickens have been on very high ground through all of this rain. It has been great to have the cooler days and nights for so long, as well. It does look like it is time for some serious summer weather. Tonight I can hear the delightful summer symphony of the various insects that are night dwellers, while watching the lightning bugs send their messages. They seem to be glad for a break from the rain.


Guardian dog Ruth, protecting the chickens from predators.


We have been purchasing materials and preparing to build the next hoop house for chickens when they leave the brooder. We will try to keep you updated with pictures on this blog.


We plan to weigh the beef next Friday, and then the lower price will begin for added weight until processing.

Upcoming Chicken Sale Dates

We will have fresh whole chickens this time.

Peace Valley: Tuesday, July 14, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Springfield, noon-1 p.m./Mansfield:, 9 a.m. Wednesday, July 15

Rolla, Monday, July 20, call for time.