Lower Prices on Chicken Breast Parts!

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On the Farm

The joys of rain on the fields and the crops! How it helps them to grow and washes everything clean. And then, how beautiful is the sunshine afterwards, the brilliant blue skies, the fresh air, and the birds' cheerful song. And the chickens survived the rain well.

Price Reduction

The price on chicken breast parts are lowered as follows:

Price per pound Farm Delivery
Bone-in Breast $6.30 $5.35 $6.55 $5.75
Boneless/Skinless Breast $8.75 $7.40 $9.00 $7.60

 Locations, Dates, and Times for Buying Chicken

We plan to have fresh whole chickens and parts (including feet)! If you are ordering more than ten, or if you want to be sure we have what you desire, please enter an order. Thank you.

Peace Valley: Tuesday, May 24, 2-6 p.m., on the farm

Mansfield: Wednesday, May 25, call for time

Springfield: Wednesday, May 25, noon till 1 p.m.

Rolla: We hope to come once a month, or so. Call or email for information.