2015 Spring Newsletter

March 4, 2015 Good Morning,

The sleet bouncing off the window explains why I am writing this in the middle of the day. We get our first batch of chicks on Friday. Hopefully spring is not too far behind. This marks our 20th year of raising chickens on pasture. We have seen many other folks start and then quit raising pastured poultry. Some might claim that we have endured so long because we are not the “brightest bulb in the box”. That may be true. However, we have implemented labor saving tools along the way that improve our quality of life, thus keeping burnout at bay. The latest tool is a refrigerated truck with which to make deliveries. We can now bring a surplus of inventory to delivery points. Please don’t let the big truck scare you, it was cheaper than a small truck. The idea is to carry so much chicken that we will not run out, even if people don’t pre-order. We would like to change the protocol so that only people ordering 11 chickens or more PER pick up date (not for the year) need to order in advance. Those who want 10 birds or less, just show up at the correct time and location and we (hopefully) will have chicken for you. This is a trial run in an attempt to simplify life for you, and to help our bookkeeper. If it does not work, we will go back to everyone pre-ordering. So, if you are buying 10 chickens or less per pickup date, you will NOT need to order. (We can send an email to those who want to be reminded of every date that we make a delivery.) Because our poultry is so much cheaper than ground beef, we are expecting an increased demand, and are working to increase production.

Poultry Prices: No increase this year! Prices for 2015 whole chickens are still $3.00/lb. at the farm and $3.45/lb. delivered.

Poultry Shares: DUE BY APRIL 15. We will have pre-paid shares, again like last year. (These are not required.) For every $95 you send us by April 15, you get $100 poultry at a later date.

You may multiply this as you wish. You may purchase shares now. To do so, send a check to: Peace Valley Poultry, 8290 CR 1980, West Plains, MO 65775 Field-grazed Poultry: (our farm in a nutshell) Our poultry is still raised on pesticide-free/herbicide-free pasture; moved every day, and fed an antibiotic-free, non-GMO ration of corn and soy. We source the grains directly from the farmer and pass the savings along to you. Then we dress the poultry at our on-farm processing facility. Customers pick up their fresh poultry at our farm the same day, or at a delivery point the next day.

Ordering Chickens: NEW!! 

We are going to sell our chicken products similar to a store. If you want 10 or less: you do not need to order, just pick up what you want on the scheduled day and place. If you want more than ten (bulk): of any item, order in advance by email, phone, or mail. Ordering Turkeys: Please pre-order your turkeys. Reminders: If you want a reminder of each delivery date (a few days before), let us know. People who make bulk orders will automatically get a reminder. Stores that carry our chicken: Several stores in Missouri and Arkansas now carry our chicken. Please check our website or call for details.

Grass finished Beef: We are asking $750 deposit for each half , due APRIL 15. They will be finished on grass again this year. Our finishing cost of $1.40/lb will be the same. We expect to have them processed late this fall.

Looking forward to spring! Sincerely,

Jim & Judy Jo Protiva, and Isaac

Yet the Lord will command his lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and  my prayer unto the God of my life.

Psalm 42: 8
We praise Him for this business!