"Voter" appreciation


#12 of 21 Things You May Not Know About Peace Valley Poultry

May I bring up the word “voting” with out causing nausea? I’m reminded that you “vote” with your food dollars, and we are very thankful that you support our “candidates”, pasture raised poultry and beef. For the last two years that support has come almost completely from you the customer, as I have done practically no drywall hanging or construction to subsidize the farm income.

Speaking of subsidies, USDA has an abundance of federal grants available. Go to any small farm conference and chances are the USDA will be there with a booth, trying to hand out money in the form of grants, not loans. I think free money stifles innovation.

Case in point: Ranchers can get government cost share money to put in pasture water systems for management intensive grazing.

I think the landowner pays about 25% and the government 75%. Because we did not sign up for the “free” money, I spent much time pondering a cheaper alternative than PVC pipe, backhoes and $800 freeze proof tanks. Peace Valley Telephone plowed in the coiled poly pipe, as apposed to digging it in with a backhoe, and we made frost proof water tanks out of discarded skidder tires for about $100. The result is we got a water system for about 25% of the typical government approved system, or about equal to the land owner’s cost share of a government system. Your enthusiastic support of our pasture based meats buoys us to the point we don’t ever consider signing up for the “free” money. Full disclosure: we did get an entrepreneurial grant from our bank in 2006 and yes, the free money did stifle innovation.

We got an email today from a customer who bought a large quantity of chicken. She said “THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR THE DELICIOUS CHICKEN and also for extending the wholesale price on our order!! Yipee! We are so lucky to be able to buy REAL chicken!!” (She bought over $900 of chicken including picking up for a friend, too.) We enjoy giving discounts for large orders. If you want the lowest possible price for our products, consider pooling your order with friends and picking it up at the farm.

Fresh Turkey Selling Schedule

DELIVERY: order on our website    Peace Valley, on the farm: Friday, November 18 and Tuesday, November 22; 2-6 p.m.    Springfield (noon-1 p.m.) / Mansfield (9:30 a.m.) / Rolla (4:30-5:30 p.m.): Saturday, November 19    Winona / Van Buren / Poplar Bluff: Wednesday, November 23

STORES: pre-order at these stores     MaMa Jean's, three stores - on Republic, Sunshine, and Campbell. Delivery to SUNSHINE store on Mon., November 21, 4:30 - 6 p.m.     Horrmann Meats, two stores on Battlefield, in Springfield, delivery to the east location, Sat., Nov. 19.     Jean's Healthway, Ava, delivery on Monday, Nov. 21.     Meadowbrook, Mountain Grove, Saturday, November 19     Ozark Country Market, Poplar Bluff, Wednesday, November 23     Howell Valley Grocery, West Plains

VENDORS carrying our turkey:     Farmer Girl, St. Louis. Will deliver on Tuesday, November 22, pre-order     International Farmers' Market, West Plains