Turkeys for Christmas, On Our Farm

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One of the reasons we started raising chickens 20+ years ago was that it is usually a very safe farm venue. We liked the fact that our small children could help with little risk of physical harm. But a few bad choices can change all of that. Yesterday Isaac and I rectified a mistake that I made a week earlier and it was much higher risk level than I wanted.

It all started when I bought a used grain bin and we moved it down the highway, a 15’ wide load on a two lane road. That went very well with help from two neighbors as flagmen. I had used a semi truck tire and rim, sucked up to the roof of the grain bin by a crane, to lift it onto a trailer. At our farm I then reattached the crane hook to the same big truck tire and lowered the roof onto our existing grain bin. The problem soon became evident that the tire would not fit through any openings in the grain bin. I sent the crane on its way figuring we would solve the problem another day. We decided to take one section out of the roof and lift the tire out through our new hole.


Isaac did a very good job of GENTLY driving the tractor with attached boom pole and nobody got crushed by a very heavy tire.


We were blessed to complete the whole project without injury.


While Isaac and I were on the roof, reattaching the section we had taken out, a wind gust blew our ladder to the ground. Many of you have heard me scorn cell phones. Fortunately, Isaac had his cell phone in his pocket and was able to call Judy Jo. She came quickly with a big Cheshire Cat grin on her face and camera in hand to document this embarrassing moment, and deftly lifted the ladder to its original placing so we could get down.




Today Beaver Creek Feed is delivering a semi load of non gmo corn for the chickens and turkeys in 2017.


Turkeys available for Christmas

Frozen turkeys are available here at the farm. Just call ahead and we will meet you at the plant.

In Springfield, Horrmann Meats has our frozen turkeys available. In West Plains, International Farmer's Market also has some.