Turkeys, chickens, and beef at Peace Valley Poultry

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Our turkeys are out and have been enjoying pasture life for several weeks now, chasing and catching the abundant grasshoppers, and enjoying the green pasture!  We raise our turkeys the same way we raise the chickens, non-GMO feed, never any antibiotics or hormones.  These turkeys live a pretty happy, stress free life too, which has a significant impact on the quality of our product! If you're ready to reserve your turkey, please order.

Ruth, the faithful turkey guardian dog, is always glad when the turkeys come out to the pasture, and she has a real job. She's getting pretty good at posing for pictures, too. This was last night.



We will continue to grow and process chickens through October. We are still getting a new batch of chicks every week.


We currently have beef parts available. There is also a half beef in the freezer storage in Springfield that is available if you would like to purchase frozen bulk. Fresh bulk beef will be for sale next spring.

Selling schedule:

AT THE FARM: we will have chicken for sale on the farm Wednesday, September 5th from 3:00-6:00pm.  We will also have a variety of cuts of our frozen grass fed beef available. 

MANSFIELD/SPRINGFIELD: We plan to deliver fresh chicken to Springfield on September 20th, 12:00-1:00pm at the Second Baptist Church, 3111 E. Battlefield Road.  

ROLLA: Rolla friends, we will deliver on Thursday afternoon, September 27th.  This will be our last delivery before we deliver turkeys.  Please email us with your orders - orders.pvpoultry@gmail.com. Thank you!   We will be at the Hobby Lobby (was Big K) parking lot.

Please order ahead if you'd like more than 10 chickens or specific cuts of chicken or beef. 


After these September dates, we will have just 2 more sale dates for fresh chicken.  These are October 3rd on the farm and October 18th in Springfield.   Throughout the winter we will have frozen chicken and beef available at the farm, just call ahead.  You can also visit the stores that carry our chicken! 

On Our Farm

About a week ago we were surrounded by a large flock of Common Nighthawks, swarming over our pastures, probably in preparation for migration. That was really impressive!

There seems to be just one wren that continues to sing to us in the morning. Such an encouragement.
In spite of the continued heat, there are little hints that fall is on its way. A cool night, an afternoon breeze, a shower of rain, these are all special.

We are hoping and praying that all is well with each of you, our friends and customers. And apologize for not writing in such a long time! We appreciate you all. We have been battling with sickness, but hope to be better than new in the near future! Blessings!


Ruth's sister, Esther, or Curley, is not so fond of turkeys, and digs her way out of the pen. If you know of a good home for her, let Jim know.