The chicken season begins next week!

Order Your Chickens Ahead to be sure.

Chicken, raw

Starting next Tuesday, and Wednesday April 26/27, we plan to sell at the farm and in Springfield the second and fourth Tuesday/Wednesday every month through October. (Excepting June at the farm, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays then.) For the full schedule, see under the info tab on our website. We will be selling whole chickens, chicken parts, and giblets.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again.

Ordering Online is now available!

Just go the the Order tab on our website. You may also order by email or phone. Here are detailed directions for ordering online for those of you who are new to this order page.(These directions can also be found at the bottom of the order page):

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Hover on the “Info” tab
  3. On the dropdown menu, click on “Prices” This will tell you what parts are available and how much they cost per pound. (Top is farm prices, under that are delivery prices.) Decide what you want. Most parts packages are between one and two pounds.
  4.   On the Info dropdown menu, click on “2016 Pickup Dates/Times”. Decide when & where. Click on the “Locations” tab for specifics on each location. You can click on the GPS link for the location you want for a map. Click on directions for how to get there from your place.
  5. Click on the “Order” tab. Then click on the date you desire to pick up your chicken.This will take you to an order form.
  6. Fill in name, email address, location, and how many of the chicken products you choose.Write order information down for your convenience.
  7.  Use “Comments” for size specifications or other information, if any.
  8.  Click on “Submit”. You will not receive a confirmation.

                   Email us if you are unsure of what you ordered. If you already know what you want, when, and where, skip steps 2-4. STORES where our chicken is sold are listed at the bottom of the tab “Locations”.