Thanks for a wonderful year!

#16 of 21 Things You May Not Know About Peace Valley Poultry

Thankfully, we live at a latitude where year round production of chickens on pasture is not very efficient. (we tried December chickens in 2000 and the weather hammered us) The lack of insects and growing legumes for the chickens to consume could be overcome with more fed grains, but the freezing cold simply takes too much energy. Poultry weight gains would be more expensive, but the real obstacle is the battle with frozen drinking water. Thus we choose to take a break during winter and sell frozen poultry that was grown earlier in the year.

We are about one third of the way through our winter break and it has brought much needed rest for Jim and Judy Jo. Isaac, however, is currently en route to the west coast to visit family and see the National Parks. He comes by it honestly, for both his parents have an odd gene that causes them to drive many miles to see mountains, canyons and rivers. This is Jim and Judy Jo’s first peek at an empty nest in over thirty years. It is nice, but at the same time we look forward to Isaac’s return. All of our children have been a great help and a blessing. We are looking for an intern for 2017, one that is interested in learning the ropes of pastured poultry and grass finishing beef.

Thanks for understanding why the chicken will be frozen, not fresh, until April. And thank you for a very good 2016. We were able to buy a large part of the grain required for 2017. It is our prayer that you have a healthy and prosperous 2017 and we hope our paths cross next year.

Jim & JudyJo