Summer is Here!

On our Farm

Higher temperatures and humidity make the cooler mornings and evenings a pleasant time to enjoy the outdoors, listening to birds and insects, seeing the new growth and flowers, and smelling the rich fragrance of the outdoors. The pasture and garden are appreciating the rainfall we got today.

New Brooder

We just finished building our fourth brooder for new chicks on Thursday. It actually got rather exciting. We knew how much time we had to finish building it; the chicks were supposed to come to the post office early Friday morning. But these chicks came a day early. The building project was finished promptly, and the chicks were in their new home before the sun set.

Right now at any given time we have four batches of chickens in the brooders and 3 batches out on the pasture. We plan to build another hoop house for the pasture before August.

Soybeans to be Planted

Our neighbor is graciously getting ready to plant some GMO-free soybeans for us.

Upcoming Selling Dates for Fresh Chickens

Peace Valley: Tuesday, June 16, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Springfield, noon-1 p.m./Mansfield:, 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 17

Rolla, Monday, June 22, call for time