Saving Water

#5 of 21 things you may not know about Peace Valley Poultry

IMG_20160815_122333470Water has been precious to both of us since our youth. JudyJo hiked and camped in the Sierras and was a wilderness ranger in Wyoming. Jim hiked and guided in the Grand Canyon.  We have not forgotten our water conservation ethic.

For approximately 10 weeks we have saved more than 200 gallons of rain water per week in this tank. We use this water for cleanup in the killing area after processing chickens. We are privileged to have the opportunity to be stewards of this part of creation and we try not to waste ANY of the resources we have been given responsibility for.

IMG_20160803_200213After we use 200 gallons to clean up, it goes down the drain and out to irrigate the pasture.

(Full disclosure: the morning after we wrote this Jim discovered that the cattle had bumped a valve in their water tank. It had been leaking water for about a week. I guess we're pretty much a zero sum game.)


On Our Farm

Progress continues on the new hoop house for the turkeys. The pressure is on; they are growing fast!

The cooler temperatures have made it easier on the chickens and the cattle ... and the people. We welcome this change! The weather was so very hot for awhile. In times like that it is sometimes hard to focus on what is important, as our core temperature rises. What a relief to have the cool breezes help to lift our spirits!

 Fresh Chickens for sale Tuesday (farm) and Wednesday (Mansfield/Springfield), August 23/24.

Our chicken will be for sale again fresh on Tuesday and Wednesday. Between our sale dates, you may purchase them frozen at the farm, or fresh or frozen at one of the fine stores that carry our chicken products, (for stores, see the bottom of the Locations tab on our website: Location Link).

FRESH CHICKEN SCHEDULE: Peace Valley: Tuesday, August 23, 2-6 p.m., on the farm Mansfield: Wednesday, August 24, call for time and to let us know you are coming. Springfield: Wednesday, August 24, noon till 1 p.m. Rolla: We hope to come once a month, or so. Call or email for information. We should be coming soon.