Sale at MaMa Jean's


Sale on Bigger Chickens at MaMa Jean’s

Starting Wednesday, May 31

Extend your food dollar! Same great flavor & tenderness


Due to better weather, good health, and perhaps some poor management, the chickens that we will harvest next week will be larger than usual. In the recent past our target weight has been around 4.5 lbs., but these birds will be a full pound heavier.

 So, to remind our newer customers how economical a big chicken is, we are posting ideas how to get three meals out of one chicken, thus saving time, AND, we are offering a sale on big chickens to encourage you to try one.

Starting Wednesday you can buy our fresh big chickens for the price of a smaller one. We expect the price to be around $3.07 per pound, which will save you about $3.75. These larger chickens will only be available at the MaMa Jean’s on Sunshine and Republic. If you plan to buy more than one chicken at this sale price, please email or text us so we can stock plenty. And

a big THANK YOU to MaMa Jean’s for being the first store to let us stock our fresh local pastured birds next to Big Brand confinement birds.



 Meal 1: Bake chicken, serve whole or in parts.

Debone what is left (can be done later). Save meat, broth and bones.


Meals 2 & 3 (or more):

Chicken pot pie

Chicken enchiladas

Chicken salad

Chicken tacos

Cashew chicken

Chicken alfredo

Chicken soup

Your own creation


At your convenience: cook bones for bone broth.

Bones can be frozen to cook later.