Roadside Chicken Sale

#8 of 21 Things You May Not Know About Peace Valley Poultry


Thursday, September 8. We did something this morning we haven't done for probably fifteen years. On our way to Rogers, Arkansas to pick up more chicken bags, we met a customer from Arkansas right at the state line. We did this because we cannot legally transport our chickens across the Missouri state line.

The customer was happy for the reduced drive time, and it was fun to once again sell chickens right at the state line. You may have noticed the fine print on our label which says "Exempt PL90-492". That law states that we can grow and process up to 20,000 birds per year without an inspector on the premises, providing the chickens are sold intrastate.

Why would you be crazy enough to buy poultry that didn't have a third party inspector present during processing? Several reasons: You, the customer, are always welcome to drop in unannounced to watch us process poultry (try THAT at a vertically integrated poultry plant). One of our workers recently suggested that we video our processing "so the customers can see how careful we are with these birds." Furthermore, wholesome, clean food is what we do. If we were to cut corners and put out a substandard product, violating the confidence you have put in us, Jim might as well go back to hanging drywall!

Time to stock up for winter!

If you are able, get your winter supply of chicken now instead of waiting for the last sale date, which is often sold out. Especially if you are wanting a large quantity of parts, please let us know soon so we have time to prepare your order. Thanks!

 Fresh chickens for sale Tuesday (farm) and Wednesday (Springfield), September 13/14

Our chicken will be for sale again fresh on Tuesday and Wednesday. Between our sale dates, you may purchase them frozen at the farm, or fresh or frozen at one of the fine stores that carry our chicken products, (for stores, see the bottom of the Locations tab on our website: Location Link).

FRESH CHICKEN SCHEDULE: Peace Valley: Tuesday, September 13, 2-6 p.m., on the farm Mansfield: Wednesday, September 14, call for time & to let us know you are coming. Springfield: Wednesday, September 14, noon till 1 p.m. Rolla: We hope to come once a month, or so. Call or email for information.