Ready for June

Beautiful Spring

The green of the leaves on the trees reflects the rich green grass on our farm. The rains have been good for the pasture, and the chickens are enjoying eating there. The dogs, Esther, Ruth, and Charlie Brown, have been stationed at the hoop houses. This has helped to greatly reduce the predator loss to our flocks. (Only one dog actively evades duty there.)

More Selling Days

The next selling days are already coming up. Next Tuesday, June 2, we will be selling at the farm from 2 til 6. Wednesday, June 3, we plan to sell at Mansfield, 9 a.m., and Springfield, noon to 1 p.m.

Turkey Babies

Due to the bird flu in the north, our suppliers of turkey poults have told us that they will not have very many turkeys to hatch this year. Consequently, they will not have any turkeys for us. We didn't like to think about our customers not getting turkeys this year. Jim has been calling throughout the midwest, and now has found some poults for us and also for a few other producers we know. The next decision is whether we can find someone who will fly them here for us, or whether we need to drive to Iowa to get them. There is hope for turkeys this year.