Last fresh chickens! Turkeys!

Final fresh chicken and turkey schedules; and farewells ... Until the Spring!

Sunday morning was frosty. The water to the chickens was frozen, although the hoses had been drained the night before.

Sunday morning was frosty. The water to the chickens was frozen, although the hoses had been drained the night before.

In Haydn’s symphony 45, his “farewell symphony,"  the musicians stop playing one at a time until there are only two violins left.  The same thing is happening to our chickens.  Each week we have one batch less until finally in mid-November we will be done with chickens for 2017.  It couldn’t come soon enough because tonight it is supposed to get down to 24 degrees.  The chickens survive the low temperature, but we get an extra workout trying to keep the water flowing.  And thus you have one of the main reasons we do not grow poultry in the winter.  Combine the freezing temps with no insects and less legumes and it soon becomes apparent that we would be working against nature, not with it.
We freeze chickens through out the summer and store them at 10 below zero so we can supply our customers year round.  
This may help to explain why pastured chickens grown in Missouri are only available frozen in the winter months, and organic chickens grown in confinement houses are available fresh year round.  We still have 3 more weeks of fresh chickens until we start using the frozen stock.  Thanks in advance for choosing our frozen birds when you could buy a fresh organic confinement bird.

Our Schedule:


Peace Valley, at the Farm (3-6 p.m.):   Tuesday, November 7

Springfield (noon - 1 p.m.):  Wednesday, November 8

Mansfield:  Same as Springfield, contact us to get the time, and to let us know you are coming.


Peace Valley, at the Farm, (2-6 p.m.)

            Friday, November 17
            Tuesday, November 21

Springfield (noon - 1), Mansfield (8:45 a.m.)

            Saturday, November 18

Rolla (4:30-5:30 p.m.)

            Saturday, November 18

Winona (9:15) / Van Buren (10 a.m.) /
Poplar Bluff (noon)

            Wednesday, November 22

Stores that carry/sell our turkeys and chicken

The Health Food Store, Houston, MO. 103 S. Grand, 417-967-3000.
CDR Naturals Health Food Store, 3636 E. Pine Street, Bourbon, MO
MaMa Jean's, Springfield, MO: order at Sunshine, Republic, or Campbell locations
Horrmann Meats, Battlefield, Springfield, MO
Ruby's Market, Springfield, MO

On Our Farm

It was a brisk morning, one of those where everything is covered with white. It wasn't really glittering yet, because the sun had not risen, but so dramatically changed from the day before. A vapor rose from the pond, a few birds flew over,  while other birds were singing their brief morning comments. Three deer were contentedly grazing by the chicken hoop houses. This was their time of day, and they were not anxious to leave.

As beautiful as it was, this was the first morning that getting water to the chickens required a monumental amount of work. This is our labor for you, so you can have fresh chickens on November 7/8, and frozen chickens all winter! It was not to be the last frozen morning. But, you all are so encouraging and appreciative, it makes our work much easier. Thank you.