#19 of 21 Things you might not know about Peace Valley Poultry


What I didn’t know about Peace Valley Poultry:

I learned something about Peace Valley Poultry on Saturday evening, more specifically about the topography of our farm. Isaac and I moved a hoop house that was on what I thought to be the top of a hill. However, when the toad-strangler came down, I discovered that a small river emerged from the neighbor’s woods to the south and flowed right across the middle of our hoop house, leaving only 20 percent out of the water.  It took about two hours of moving wet chickens to get them situated for the night.

Now you would think that an ex-river guide married to an ex-back country ranger would know where to camp for the night! That was one of the first things we learned as guides, where to pick a safe campsite. I blew that one. Fortunately, after the deluge, we only lost about 15 chickens out of roughly 2200.  

We feel very blessed, considering many people in the West Plains area suffered tremendous loss.


Jim in rain

P.S. Isaac suggested that we start the first several batches in 2018 with ducks instead of chickens. What do you think?


On This Farm

This is the farmer, Jim, going out into the pouring rain last Saturday night to situate the chickens so they did not suffer in the rain. He and Isaac worked on and on while lightning struck close by often. And their efforts and bravery were well rewarded, as we lost few chickens that night.


Fresh Chicken Sales

On the Farm: Tuesday, May 9, 3-6 p.m.
Mansfield: May 10, time to be announced soon
Springfield: May 10, noon-1 p.m. (So far it looks like it won't be raining that day!)

Hamburger and short ribs are also available.