Not your ordinary Monday!

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Monday was one of those peak days. After lecturing to four classes at West Plains High School, Ray Archuleta came out to our farm and repeated his soil health demonstrations to 25+- young people and about that many older folks. Ray brought several demonstrations that plainly showed how destructive tillage is to soil structure and biology. He reminded us that reductionist science, which looks at the individual parts instead of the whole, has led us down a path of soil destruction. He showed pictures of dust storms reminiscent of the thirties, that took place last month. Conversely, holistic science that studies the interconnectedness of soil, plants and animals is paving the way for the soil health movement. We now know it is possible to make new top soil in a relatively short amount of time, with proper management.

These are very interesting times to be alive and it is encouraging to see the next generation get take an interest in preserving the thin mantle of top soil that nourishes life. 
Thanks, Ray!