May News

May 15, 2015

It is a beautiful spring morning, birds singing, flowers blooming, green grass, and just a tinge of coolness in the air.

CHICKENS: We have three batches of chickens in brooders. The youngest were just hatched on Wednesday, and arrived early this morning at the West Plains post office. There are three hoop houses out on the pasture, where the chicken are eating their greens, insects, and GMO-free feed that we have mixed. The oldest are scheduled to be processed next Tuesday, (May 19).

NEXT SALE DATE: Speaking of which, Tuesday is the day to buy fresh chicken here at the farm, and Wednesday (May 20) we will be selling in Springfield and Mansfield. May 26 (the Tuesday after that) we plan to sell in Rolla (please order in advance for Rolla).

HOW TO PAY: We still aren't taking credit cards, but checks and cash work fine.