Looking back from the other side of the Spring Equinox


Jim teaches Chaim (son of Lael and Sarah Weinberger) about farming. --May 30, 2015


Rainbows over the hoop houses, late May

On Our Farm

The chickory is blooming, and casts a periwinkle blue haze across some fields. These cool days have given the chickens (and people!) relief from the intense heat. It is quite refreshing. But we know that the heat will return, and with greater vigor, so we are making plans for ways to keep the chicks and chickens cool. We picked up our last batch of chicks early on Friday morning.


Jim has spent the last week helping our neighbor plant GMO-free soybeans for our chickens.


We have found some beeves, and hope to have the them on our farm in the near future.

New on the Team

We welcome Saul Chavez, who will be working for us until November, and living in the guest house. It is great to have more help.

Upcoming Chicken Sale Dates

Most chickens and parts will be frozen this time.                                                                July 14-15 we plan to have lots of fresh again.

Peace Valley: Tuesday, June 30, 2-6 p.m. at the farm

Springfield, noon-1 p.m./Mansfield:, 9 a.m. Wednesday, July 1