Last scheduled sales dates, Beef for sale



2016 turkeys

 Frozen Beef and Fresh Chicken for sale Tues. (farm), Wed. (Springfield), and Thurs. (Rolla); October 25/26/27.

Now our frozen beef, as well as our fresh chicken will be for sale on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This will be the last scheduled sale, so you may want to stock up for the winter.

For those of you who are wanting a turkey this year, there are some left to order. You may also order at MaMa Jean’s on Sunshine in Springfield or at Jean’s Healthway in Ava for delivery at those locations.

Between our sale dates, you may purchase our chicken products frozen at the farm, or fresh or frozen at one of the fine stores that carry our chicken products, (for stores, see the bottom of the Locations tab on our website: Location Link).

FRESH CHICKEN SCHEDULE: Peace Valley: Tuesday, October 25, 2-6 p.m., on the farm Mansfield: Wednesday, October 26, call for time & to let us know you are coming. Springfield: Wednesday, October 26, noon till 1 p.m. Rolla: Thursday, October 27, noon. Email or call to order.

On Our Farm

We had a pasture walk here yesterday, with Jim giving a tour to area farmers, followed by discussion, bonfire and food. It was a good gathering of sharing information.

Our oldest son and his wife are visiting, which is a great joy. Our daughter and son-in-law had a baby girl yesterday, which is more joy. And our oldest daughter and husband plan to come next week. If we seem a bit distracted, we are, but we plan to keep your orders in line!

Hoping there are joy and blessings in your lives in this time of fall weather.