Last chance to buy grassfed beef, whole or half, until Spring 2017

Order by December 3!


If you have the freezer space and the resources, there is a significant savings of buying a whole or half beef over the per piece price. Another advantage is that when you order in bulk like this, you are able to have it cut to your specifications, exactly the way you want it. These beeves have been fed solely on forage their whole lives, with the exception of 45 days late winter 2015 when they were also supplemented with cottonseed meal.

The price is $1.40/lb. live weight, balance paid when the beef go to the butcher. Also, the customer pays the processing. We sell them as whole or halves. A few customers who picked up their beeves, calculated the price for what they took home. It was approximately $3.85-$4.10/lb. This is a tremendous savings from buying parts/cuts, which average $6.51/lb.

They are going to the processor soon, so please let us know if you are even thinking of purchasing a whole or half beef.  Thanks! 417-277-5212.

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