Henry Digs A Hole

Last week Henry Nielson and his dad, Jon, came to excavate for a loading dock at our butcher plant.  Henry is seven and is learning how to operate a mini excavator, and he did surprisingly well. Good job, Henry (and Jon).  Our plan is to enclose the loading dock to keep the
refrigerated truck out of the sun, and eventually fill the roof with solar panels.  Thank you for purchasing local raised, pasture grazed protein from our farm.  It fuels the local micro economy (excavating, concrete, butcher plant workers)... and I think Henry enjoyed learning
how to operate the mini-ex.

We should have fresh chicken in the stores on May 31 and available for direct purchase June 6 and 7.  Our prices have been pretty constant since 2014.  Due to rising input costs, we going to raise prices about 3%.  Thanks for your understanding.