Peace Valley Poultry Trivia + Win a Free Chicken

Trivia Quiz 


As of Tuesday, March 20, spring is officially here. You wouldn’t know it by looking in our brooders. For the first time in many years we do not have any chicks on the farm before the Spring Equinox. There are two reasons for the delay. We still remember the April flood of 2017 and we also have sufficient frozen chickens to take us well into May.

Therefore, we will not get chicks until mid April and the first processing day will be WEDNESDAY, May 30. That is not a typo. After decades of processing on Tuesdays, we will be butchering on Wednesdays. That means fresh chicken will arrive in Springfield on Thursdays.

Here is a trivia quiz for you history buffs. About 20 years ago we had refrigerator magnets printed by our dear friend and enthusiastic customer, John Zook. If you were at the farm when John was here, you knew it. John even happened to pick up his turkey when the crew from NBC was filming. We are pretty sure that he was broadcast in many parts of the US extolling the quality of our turkeys. We miss John and many other devoted customers that have passed. Now for the quiz. If you can tell us the slogan at the bottom of the magnet, we will give you a free chicken.

The beef steers are enjoying the green grass that is poking up. We are supplementing with a little hay because the first grass of spring is too “washy” for a balanced diet. The manure pat should be the consistency of pumpkin pie filling. Those expert grazers who have stockpiled grass from last fall should not have to feed any hay as the dead grass mixed in with the green grass will balance the diet. We have some stockpiled grass, but I have a ways to go to achieve expert status.

We look forward to seeing you and hope you had a peaceful winter.

On our Farm

There's no denying it! Even if it is a little chilly, spring is here. You can see it in the beautiful flowers and swelling buds of the trees, you can hear it in the joyful song of the birds each morning (we call it the morning concert), you can smell it in the air! The robins are out to prove how rich our soil is, as great numbers of them expertly pull earthworms from the soil in our pasture, while the meadowlarks around them use their beaks to get underground insects. The mother goats are also widening, as we and they look forward to them kidding in about a month and a half. And soon after that, we will get to see you, our customers at our farm and on delivery for fresh chicken and frozen beef. Can't wait!

We are still remembering your dedication to come out on that frigid Saturday before Thanksgiving to get turkeys in Springfield and Rolla. Oh! how the wind blew. And yet, I think every one of you that ordered showed up to get your turkey. You are great, and we appreciate you.

CHICKENS NOW: We still have frozen whole chicken and sometimes parts or liver. It is available in the stores who carry our products, and at the farm. If you want to pick up at the farm, just contact us and set up a time, Monday - Saturday. 

CHICKENS FUTURE: We are planning to start processing fresh chickens on Wednesday, May 30, as mentioned above. Selling days at the farm will probably be on the first Wednesday of the month, June-October. The rest of the Wednesdays between June 6 and October 31 will be self-serve. We plan to deliver in Springfield roughly once a month. We still plan to come to Rolla, but are not sure how often, yet. The first time will be Friday, June 15. Also, the stores who carry our chicken fresh will have it after May 30.

BULK BEEF: We are scheduled to process our pasture-raised beeves again on May 21 and June 18. For those of you who have the storage to buy a half or whole beef, that is the least expensive way to purchase. You may order at any time.  (click on bulk beef.) There is a $200 deposit for a half beef.

BEEF PARTS: After about June 4, we will have the separate packages of beef available again, which you may purchase at the farm, or order to have sent to a delivery location.

TURKEYS: We have ordered the turkey poults, and plan to process them again in November.



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