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Selling chickens on the Missouri side of the Arkansas border

Selling chickens on the Missouri side of the Arkansas border

Our customers are the best!

October 15, 2018

One week ago today I drove 3.5 hours to the southwest corner of Missouri and stopped just before the Arkansas state line. I was several minutes late and up in the distance I could see the SUV belonging to “Jane Doe” parked off the shoulder. Jane and her family have met us just inside the Missouri state line for close to six years. They are valued customers, not only because of the chicken and turkeys they buy, but also because they drive about 45 minutes to meet us on the side of the road on our side of the state line. At our last meeting, Jane graciously delivered four boxes of poultry shrink bags from the factory in Rogers. Alas our roadside rendezvous are coming to an end as Jane and her family are moving back to Texas. It has been fun selling chicken within eye sight of the welcome to Arkansas sign. (Since our poultry is not federally inspected we can not transport our poultry across the Missouri state line) But Jane is not atypical. Many of our customers drive long distances and shower us with kindness. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I’ll say it again, you customers are the greatest. Your support and patience enables us to keep on keeping on.

New Cuts of Beef Available

Isaac and I brought the last two beeves back to our freezers this afternoon. We had these cut up differently and had some filets and New York strip steaks made. Isaac cooked a filet in his sous vide and it was very good.

We have also received another new supply of our beef, so we may now have the regular parts we couldn’t find for you before. We are open Monday-Saturday. Feel free to call ahead to make sure we are here and that we have what you want.

Selling Dates

Peace Valley: Fresh Chicken/Frozen Beef Wed., Nov. 7, 3-6; Fresh Turkeys Nov. 16 & 20.

Mansfield/Springfield: Fresh Chicken/Frozen Beef Thurs., Oct. 18; Fresh Turkeys Sat., Nov. 17

Rolla: Fresh Turkeys Sat., Nov. 17

Winona/Van Buren: Fresh Turkeys Wed., Nov. 21

You may order frozen chicken and beef for the turkey days, and we will do our best to get it to you!


Isaac Protiva