Clean + Healthy Turkey for your Holiday Season!

Our turkeys are never given hormones or antibiotics! They are fed a nutritious mix of non-GMO grain and moved to fresh pasture every day which diversifies their diet. This also keeps them happy and healthy! Our turkeys will range in size from 15-20lbs this year. They are fresh, never frozen when you pick them up and our prices are the same as last year.*

Find your drop off location and reserve your turkey before we run out!

On the Farm: Friday, November 22 from 3-6pm and Tuesday, November 26 from 2-6pm

Mansfield: Saturday, November 23 at 8:30am

Springfield: Saturday, November 23 from 11:30-1pm

Rolla: Saturday November 23 from 4-5pm

Winona: Wednesday, November 27 at 9:15am

Van Buren: Wednesday, November 27 at 10am

*Turkeys are $3.35/lb if purchased on the farm and $3.61/lb if purchased at one of our delivery locations.