Fresh chickens for sale next week! / Beef herd increases

#18 of 21 things you may not know about Peace Valley Poultry

In the 2017 spring newsletter, I mentioned a conversation with two executives from a big chicken company.  In large part due to economy of scale, their cost to produce a chicken is drastically less than what our cost to produce a chicken is. They only process 70,000 TIMES more chicken than us every week.

We purchased 24 beef steers from the Frescoln family yesterday. They are happily grazing with the eight steers we kept through the winter. We will now be moving 32 beeves to fresh pasture every couple of days. This is more than double the largest herd we have grazed before. We hope to capture some economy of scale, and pass those savings to you. It’s actually easier to graze larger numbers because it is not critical to have water points as close together since a larger herd requires more area,  so the distance to the next water point can be further. We will have 9 beeves available in June and the rest will be ready in December. We’re planning to rent the neighbor’s 36 acres to add to our rotational grazing.

Fresh chickens for sale next week!

We will have fresh chickens and chicken parts at the farm on Tuesday, April 25 (3-6 p.m.); and on Wednesday, April 26 at Mansfield (call for time), and Springfield (noon - 1 p.m.). We are looking forward to seeing all of you again!