First time in 3 weeks - fresh chickens again! Beef: fat tails and happy lines!

#20 of 21 Things You May not Know About Peace Valley Poultry

Storm approaching Peace Valley

Beef - deadline to order whole/half June 16th

The steers that are scheduled to be processed June 19 are showing fat around the base of their tails and happy lines. As one famous person used to say, ”It's a good thing.” This fat indicates that the animal has more than adequate nutritional intake for body maintenance and is gaining a layer of fat. Intra muscle fat is also being deposited. Commonly called marbling, this fat is what makes beef flavorful and also makes it a pleasure to swallow. We are always trying to increase the number of small flecks of fat in the muscle through better forages, better grazing management and better cattle genetics. Remember, fat from ruminants that don’t eat grain is good for you.

Happy lines are another sign that cattle are gaining well. These are horizontal lines across the rib cage about half way down and lower. It almost looks as if the steer brushed up against a corner post and got scratched but no injury has occurred. Steve Freeman link here  

On Our Farm

The hail had come and gone awhile before. It was night, and very dark. Our phones started to demand that we take cover immediately. The weather radar agreed. From our shelter, we could hear things being blown against the door. Even as the electricity went out, we felt safe sitting on bales of pine shavings, tucked in beside our wagon of chicks in the brooder.

When we stepped out, the first thing we saw was the fallen upper portion of a large tree, branches surrounding the back of our truck. But when Isaac said, "Look at the chickens!", all else was forgotten. The fierce winds had blown all five hoop houses sideways, crushing chickens as they went. We are grateful for the people who were willing and able to come out on that dark night to help assess, triage, and tuck the living chickens back in the hoop houses. The next morning our son-in-law graciously came and helped us clean up the field. Somehow, two-thirds of the chickens in the field that night were able to survive.

We were amazed. We still had each other, a home, and many chickens. The beef and goats were fine. We are so thankful for the help of friends, the grace of God, and all of you who checked on us or were thinking of us. We really feel that our customers are a part of the farm team.

Now, two weeks later, it almost seems like a dream. With the beautiful spring weather, Colorado blue skies, fields of flowers, birds singing their spring songs, and mama goats tending their new babies, the farm seems so peaceful. Ahhh.

Fresh chickens for sale Tuesday (farm) and Wednesday (Mansfield & Springfield), 
June 13/14

Our chicken will be for sale again fresh on Tuesday and Wednesday. Between our sale dates, you may purchase them frozen at the farm, or fresh or frozen at one of the fine stores that carry our chicken products, (for stores, see the bottom of the Locations tab on our website: Location Link).

Peace Valley: Tuesday, June 13, 3-6 p.m., on the farm
Mansfield: Wednesday, June 14, call for time and to let us know you are coming. 
Springfield: Wednesday, June 14, noon till 1 p.m. 
Rolla: We hope to come once a month, or so. Call or email for information. 




Photo: Winter cover crop for grazing beef.
Purple, hairy vetch; red, crimson clover, rye,
triticale, and others.

New store in West Plains to carry Peace Valley Poultry

We are happy to announce that Meadowbrook in West Plains, 238 W Main St., is now carrying our chicken. You may purchase it there Sunday through Friday.