Farm Field Day Highlights

Why have a farm field day in the middle of August?


When I asked a local soil guy to come and give a brief talk at our field day on soil health, he asked, “why did you choose August?” Good question.

I want to focus on how soil health affects climate change, and what better time to think about climate change than the hottest part of the summer. Also, the Fescue fields of the Ozarks typically look their worst in August. If we have “average” precipitation this July, most Fescue fields will be brown by August 12th which will be an ideal time to contrast short brown grass with tall green grass.

We are going to search beneath the grass sward to see what makes for good soil and do some simulated rainfall infiltration tests on tilled and untilled ground. There will be a cool place to recover from the heat and sample home made ice cream. I have one request. Please take the 20+ minutes to watch this TED talk by Allan Savory:
The knowledge you gain from this TED talk will enable you to ask probing questions, which is what we want.

Hope to see you on August 12,