Detour Details, Travel to the Farm from West Plains


Don’t be discouraged, there is a detour! HWY 17 both north and south bound is closed for bridge repair just south of EE. This has made travel to Peace Valley Poultry from West Plains a bit trickier. There is not a marked detour, again making travel tricky, so we’ve provided you with two detours to the farm. Route #1 is the detour with the shortest mileage. Route #2 keeps you off a dirt road until you get to Peace Valley.

  1. From West Plains, turn left onto 17 at Junction Hill and head north. Quickly make a right onto CR 3010. Follow 3010 until it Ts with EE. Make a left onto EE. Make a right onto 17 N and then a right on W and continue your route to Peace Valley Poultry.

  2. Take 63 north to N, make a right on N hwy and take that until you reach 17, make a right on 17 and head south. Then make a left on W. Continue your route to Peace Valley Poultry.

Michelle Lewis