Adventures on the Farm

It was a crisp fall morning in early November and the three little adventurers (sweet grand daughters) and I were headed out to visit the turkeys.  The fall colors were at their height and so we were again surrounded by beauty.  The meadowlarks’ joyful song rang out.  The sun shone brightly.  It was a perfect morning. 


 The oldest was the first to the turkeys.  “Nanna!” she called out.  I never learned what she wanted to say because every single turkey answered her. She was a little surprised their eager reply!  Soon we were wandering among these white birds.  The smallest adventurer didn’t want to get too close.  A group of turkeys flowed past us, running with their wings flapping.   They never left the ground, and the sound they made as a group was very much like the sound of thunder.  “Hmmm, they must be getting big,” I pondered.  The middle adventurer most liked wandering among the turkeys.  After an excitingly freezing splash through the pond, we said goodbye to the turkeys and came inside to get warm.

May your winter adventures be much more wonderful and beautiful than you ever hoped!  

I appreciate all the good wishes, prayers, cards and other kindnesses this time of year.   We appreciate our customers, each one is very special and precious to us.   Please let us know if we can help you with your beef/chicken/turkey needs in this winter.  We do have frozen chicken and beef available, so don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or write an email,

Merry Christmas to you all!