Ordering Whole or Half Beef for JUly and september 2019 

Order a whole or half beef on the order page and send a deposit

The butcher plant will contact you for cutting specifications

The beef will be finished within 2-3 weeks after it is delivered to their plant. We will then deliver free of charge within 100 miles of West Plains, MO. (We cannot deliver in Arkansas)

Cost Breakdown

Breakdown for 1/2 Beef:

250 lbs take home weight

$1.40/lb live weight: Animal Cost

$.048/lb hanging weight: Processing Cost

~$1,100 Total

Depending on how you want the beef processed, the average cost per pound is $4.40/lb take home weight  


How It's Raised

We raise our steers 100% on our pastures with no supplemental rations.

Our fields and cattle are managed with organic practices, but we are not USDA certified Organic.

We practice rotational grazing which gives grass and other forages longer rest periods allowing bigger root systems and greater nutrient utilization from the soil. This system also leaves more cover on the ground allowing soil bacteria to thrive, increasing organic matter, and nourishing the soil. We believe this gives the beef improved overall quality and flavor.


Buying Individual Parts

You can order individual parts for pickup at out farm or a delivery location.
If you just want to look at what cuts are available and the prices, go to the Prices tab.